Equipment Highlights (Click on Thumbnail for Full Size Pic

Recording hardware

Sound Devices 788t 12 Track recorder  with CL9 and CL8 Mixers

Sound Devices 664 Multitrack Recorder/Mixer

Sound Devices 702t Recorder

Sound Devices CL WiFi remote control

iPad 2 for wireless control of 788T

Apogee Ensemble Firewire Interface with Protools 10 and Boom Recorder

Sound Devices (2) MM-1 Portable Preamps

 PLAYBACK available on request!!

Voice of God setup


Micron SR 770 Transmitter / Receiver (2)

Lectrosonics Venue System with Full VRT Front End Tracking Modules (6)

Lectrosonics SR Receiver

Lectrosonics SRp Receiver

Lectrosonics (4) SMQV Transmitters

Lectrosonics (2) SMDa Transmitter

Lectrosonics (2) SMa - Transmitter

7 x Senn G2/G3 wireless systems

3x Senn plugin Transmitters

5 x Tram TR50

8 x Sanken Cos11

6 x Countryman b6

1 x Countryman ewm

Comtek BST Transmitter base station

2 X Comtek M-216 Transmitters

Comtek Receivers (18) 


Sennheiser MKH50 (2)

Sennheiser MKH 416 (2)

Earthworks DT-30

3 X AKG C 480b/CK63ULS

2 X AKG C 480b/CK69ULS

2 X AKG A61 Swivel Pivot

 Oktava mk012a

2 X Shure SM57 

2 X AKG CBL99 Boundary Layer Mics

AKG PCC170 Boundary Mic

AKG PCC130 Boundary Mic

AKG GN50 E with CK31 Podium Mic

Oktava MK319

PSC/K-tek boom poles

Rycote / PSC /Rycote suspension

Rycote / K-Tek wind protection


Custom 5*8 Sound Trailer

(2)Denecke timecode slates

(4) Mozegear and Denecke Timecode Syncboxes.

2.4ghz and 1.2ghz Wireless Video

Decimator HD to SD Downconverters (2)

200 foot 16 channel audio rapco snake

100 foot hosa audio snake

Cat-5 Video assist kit

2 x Panasonic playback reference monitors

PSC Wireless Antenne

Dexter Prejean Custom Designed Follow Cart

Custom Carpet Cart


1 x Apple Macintosh pro

1 x Macbook pro

3 x Mac mini


AVID - Protools 11

Apple final cut pro studio and Shake

AVID Media Composer 6